Advanced Number Representation through Abacus and Vedic Math’s

Abacus is one of the world’s oldest and powerful mathematical tools. It is used to calculate arithmetic function with the help of beads and frames. Over the years the tool has gained massive popularity for its ability to improve brain power and analytics, especially amongst children.

Abacus has proven to be extremely efficient in presenting advanced number representations as well, making their representation convenient for a number as large as 9 digits. Although one might argue that calculators are far quicker in computation they provide no scope for improving children’s listening, concentration, memory and linguistic representation skills.

Schools and colleges emphasize the importance of laboratories for science disciplines but there is a distinct lack of laboratories and practical application demonstration for mathematics, that just so happens to be the Queen of sciences. Hence it is important that mathematic laboratory is established to give students a view of the everyday, practical applications of mathematics thus effectively ensuring their interest and curiosity.

Branches of mathematics like Vedic mathematics and Abacus need to be propagated among our children in order to help them comprehend math in a conclusive and wholesome way, rather than regard it as a subject on complex equations and boredom.

Vedic mathematics is a field of Indian mathematics founded centuries ago, where large computations can be solved with the use of the 16 formulas or the sutras. Rather than teach you how to solve sum step by step as modern math does, Vedic mathematics aims to improve the processing of your brain’s approach to a problem that needs solving. Solving sums using Vedic mathematics have proven to be 10-15 times faster than our modern systematic methods. They can be used to solve problems ranging from basic algebraic operations to complex rational equations with relative ease.

All one has to do in order to learn Vedic mathematics and Abacus is to enroll oneself in the Vedic mathematics and Abacus for beginners’ course nearest to them or even enroll in one of the multitudes of online courses and tutorials available. These classes are for people of all ages and professions. The only stipulation is the requirement of time to practice and interest to learn.

Encouraging young minds to learn such concepts will infinitely ease their relationship with mathematics as a subject, change the way their brains shape a problem, improve their memory and problem-solving speeds.

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