5 STEM Careers Kids Can Explore

Parents often ask, “what exactly can my child do with a STEM education?” The answer? STEM offers a pathway to some of the most exciting, fast-growing, and innovative careers around — and many of them are becoming more and more important each day!

So, if your child is interested in STEM, here are five fun careers that children can dip their toes into:

1. Marine Biologist

The perfect career for kids who have an affinity for flippers, fins, and everything in between! Marine biologists study the ocean and ocean wildlife in order to get a better understanding of how humans impact nature.

2. Biomedical Engineer

If your child loves science and wants to change the world, biomedical engineering is the career for him/her. Biomedical engineers use STEM knowledge to create new medical equipment and facilitate advancements in pharmaceutical drugs and medicine. (Hint: Kids involved in our robotics program would love this field)

3. Software Developer

STEM is not only fun and intriguing, but it can be creative too. Software developers, for example, get to create and test new apps, websites, and computer programs to help businesses everywhere thrive. At Engineering For Kids, participating in the technology and coding program can get your child one step closer to this creative career.

4. Environmental Engineer

Does your child care about the environment and have a passion for green living? Perhaps they’d be best suited for a career in environmental engineering. Environmental engineers look to apply STEM concepts to come up with green solutions and reduce human impact on the environment.

5. 3D Designer

The concept of 3D is one that keeps kids coming back for more! After all, it’s everywhere — from movie theaters to amusement parks. Working as a 3D designer is another great STEM career path for highly artistic and creative kids — like those in our 3D CAD program.

As you can see, the possibilities with STEM are endless. Help your child reach for the stars and aspire toward a career in the STEM field, with the help of Engineering For Kids. We can help jump-start the process with our amazing STEM programs!

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