What is SOI?

SOI is based on proven theory which explores and understand child’s dominant learning style, moving child from “I can’t” to “I can” and bridge the gap of weak cognitive ability through a research- based and award-winning program (Structure of Intellect Program) which caters for both typical developing children and special needs children who are average-below average performers or children who has difficulties coping up at school.

Structure of Intellect (SOI) is a program originated from Oregon, USA. It is officially founded in 1965. This program is a research-based program developed by and award-winning scientist, Dr Mary Meeker, and her husband, Dr Robert Meeker. It has been recognized globally as a powerful tool in bridging the cognitive gap.

Successful learning requires different ability such as comprehension, evaluation, problem solving and memory.

Energia SOI explores the nature of human intelligence with a framework of reasoning and problem solving skills of 90 intellectual abilities, both convergent and divergent, memory, language skills and decision making.

Energia SOI is customized to meet every child’s learning needs / requirement.

Key Features of SOI Program

Caters to age group between 5 to Adults.

Most Comprehensive Cognitive Development Program for Young Learners.

Researched for 20 years at John Hopkins University – America’s First Research University.

A program to bridge learning gaps in the regular school going children and to help them realize their true potential.

A program customized to even meet the learning requirements of children with “Special Needs” as well.

Global Presence

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