Robotics Course


At Emerging Stars, robotics is an advanced branch of mechanics, electrical engineering, software development. The new era of technology is about automation and artificial intelligence. Therefore, at Emerging stars, we teach these skills among students at an early age. This two-year coursework is available for children above six years of age and helps them to develop an interest in robotics and mechanics. It is a life changing experience for your child that assists them to work in a team, learn leadership qualities, get an introduction to basic scientific knowledge.

Under the coursework of STEM robotics program, through the medium of activity and construction, children are educated to bridge the gap between academia and the industry. Also, it challenges students to become a rational thinker who emphasizes reasoning and scientific explanations than prevalent dogmatic theories. It transforms a mundane child to an active mind that has the potential to create something, invent something and finally contribute to society.

Through Making, Coding, Moving and Thinking courses, Emerging Stars with ROBOROBO education provides fun learning education system while enhancing creativity, logic and spirit of inquiry.


Robo Junior

Raising Creativity & Learning with blocks.

In this course child will build robots using blocks and complete the circuits. They will operate the bot using various programing cards thereby improving logic & mathematics knowledge. The beginner course will let the child make his/her own robot & then program by combining 110 funny programming card.

Age Group 6 to 8 Yrs.

Robotics & Coding

This course focuses on the formation of the sense of closeness and the stimulation of interest on the robotics. The course helps students develop cognitive skills while enhancing practice ability, thinking & problem solving skills.

The course consist of different learning levels according to the ability of learners, which are the beginner level, the intermediate level & the advance in-depth level.

Age Group 8+ Yrs.


Emerging Arduino

For the young Einstein !

Arduino is an open-source platform used for building electronics projects. In this beginner level course students will  learn Arduino and how to program using basic C++ language.

This course combines the knowledge of programming and electronics. Students will make small projects using electronics components like LED’s, Buzzer, Ultra Sonic Sensor, Display, etc.

Age Groups 10+ Yrs.

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